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Do you think you could ‘make money’ with a product that is…

  • Presented to 7 Million people on primetime TV by a popular celebrity twice a week.
  • Purchased by Millions every day.
  • Turns dreams into reality.
  • Delivered INSTANTLY.
  • Is FREE once you have referred just 5 members.
…the odds are stacked heavily in your favour that say you can!What is it? Click here to watch movie!Well before we answer that - let's look at what it's NOT!The business you are about to see is…
  • NOT - Expensive to start or maintain
  • NOT - Exclusive to a small clientele
  • NOT - Limited to geographical location
  • NOT - Limited to just those people who own a PC
  • NOT - Rocket Science
Our flagship program, VWD have created an incredible business opportunity based upon the UK National Lotto Main Game with a referral marketing plan available for those who wish to be more than just a player and develop unlimited income potential.People WORLDWIDE are now enjoying a residual income by promoting the amazing E-Lottery system to their friends and family, and are adding to that income by winning Cash Prizes on the UK National Lotto.Ask yourself one question!
  • How many people do YOU know who play a National Lottery - week in, week out and never win anything?
You can now show them a better way! A winning way!With VWD - your friends, family and colleagues can enjoy playing the UK National Lotto from the comfort of their armchair with ALL THESE ADDED BENEFITS.
  • No trudging to the shops, standing in queues or lost tickets.
  • Odds as low as 1 in 13.
  • 88 entries a WEEK for just £5.00. That's around $9US, $12.40Canadian or $12.68Australian.
    And that one small payment covers you for "two" games, Wednesday and Saturday!
  • Unique prizes not featured in the UK Lotto including a 2 ball win.
  • Hit the JACKPOT with just 5 numbers.
  • Win more with the e-lottery than if you play on your own.
  • Play for FREE through the VWD Rewards programme.
  • Results by E-Mail with winnings paid out immediately.

Plus, Plus, Plus – Watch the 3 minute movie for more details!What's More there are around 20 Million People a week actively playing the UK National Lotto with many more worldwide.The UK National Lotto is one of the most prestigious, tax free, lump sum lotteries in the world and its popularity is immense.All of them would like to know how to get the advantage and phenomenal playing power of the e-lottery system by joining VWD!So click the link below and start enjoying a better way to play the UK National Lotto and gain an easy way to build an online business!YES! – Show me a Better Way to Play and Earn!Do it NOW! - And you could be the next big winner!Many thanks for taking the time to look at the Red Fox Lotto Club and Virtual World Direct. If you have any questions or you need help then please don't hesitate to contact me, my details are below!

Good Luck!

Shaun Ore
Independent Member

Mail me at Admin: vwd2006@shaunore.co.uk

Since on Joining the VWD E-Lottery i have won many of times more times than Playing the Normal way.



OK, here's how things pan out in my world:

  • I play the lottery for FREE and you don't.
  • I get 304 entries a week and you don't.
  • I stand a 3,600% better chance of winning the jackpot than you do.
  • I win a cash prize for matching just ONE correct number, whereas you need to match at least three.
  • I get BOTH Lucky Star numbers GUARANTEED in EVERY Euro Millins lottery draw draw and you don't.
  • I get one number GUARANTEED in EVERY UK National lottery draw and you don't.
  • I win more times than you do.
  • I make a considerable amount of money after EVERY draw and you don't.

Doesn't this seem a tad unfair to you? I mean let's face it, given all the advantages that I have over the way that the ordinary mug punter plays the lottery, I'd be a fool to go back to playing in the old fashioned way wouldn't I?

Now as I said, you probably think that I'm living in cloud cuckoo land here, and I wouldn't blame you. This is exactly what I thought when I learned about this, and that was 2 years ago now (check my Bio for my history Blog). But I shudder to think about how much money I would have lost over that 2 years if I'd carried on playing in the ordinary way.

Simply by changing the way that I play the EuroMillions lottery and the UK National Lotto has enabled me to take FOUR luxury holidays to the Far East EVERY year with enough left over to buy a brand new car EVERY year!

These are the changes that have been brought in to my life so far, but it doesn't stop there. The more people I introduce to this intelligent way of playing the lottery, the more money I make each week - and there's no limit to the amount of money I can earn, each month, so what stopping you?

I also reveal my email address and my web site, the company is getting bigger by the day and more and more people are joining and happy to play the smarter way of playing and yet making some serious  money like me. Come on join and Introduce your family and friends and make a great second income theres nothing to loose but much to gain.


Join Here today Click on link Below.



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